Sunday, September 9, 2012

Important Update: New Blog - Moving - New Link Inside...

Important Update:
I made some changes and wanted to share my new links for those who are interested.
Basically I changed my name from MySweetCreations to House of Aqua. I love making anything sweet but I also incorporate hauls, organization, etc. into my blog and YouTube Channel. I am also known for my love of aqua, especially in the kitchen. I often have people leaving comments saying they saw something aqua and thought of me so I thought the name was fitting and encompasses everything I do.
I was also annoyed that MySweetCreations was consistent across the board due to screen name availability such as MySweetCreations for Twitter, AllRecipes but the blog was TastingSweetCreations and my YouTubeChannel was MakingSweetCreations! see? I wanted something simple and available so House of Aqua it is!
If you enjoy my blogspot blog and YouTube Channel please make sure you subscribe using the links I provide below. I will maintain my previous blog and YouTube Channel but I will be phasing out posts to it as I am switching over.


  1. moving with you....will you be moving posts too?

    1. Mmmmm....not sure. Not all of them but I may move a few of them. I wish Google would allow people to change user names without creating a new account. It is a pain!


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