Monday, July 30, 2012

Seattle Trip To Visit

As an brand ambassador for I had the amazing opportunity to visit AllRecipes in Seattle, Washington June 26th-28th.

Thursday evening began with a tour of their spaces which was in a modern building on Pine Street in the heart of downtown Seattle. Their spaces span two floors of the building. The smiles on the AllRecipes teams faces stood out to me as they were all happy to be there. Touring the spaces the fun they have is very evident.

I also had the opportunity to meet many of the ladies that I have known through the recipe buzz for several years. It was a reunion of sorts.

Friday entailed participation in a focus group, a presentation showing an in depth look at AllRecipes and their statistics and our role with the company, social media information, and a video class with tips on filming and photography. Friday night ended with a rad party for the 15th Anniversary Celebration.

Here are the photos from the trip:

Happy 15th Anniversary AllRecipes!


  1. AWESOME, Kelly!! How exciting...I miss AR:( I feel like I never have time anymore...Maybe someday soon!!:) I hope you are enjoying your summer! Alexa looks so cute!

    1. I am not quite as active as I once was but it was a great opportunity to go to Seattle to tour AllRecipes and meet these people we have "known" for several years. I am not not the buzz/exchange as much anymore, but I still upload photos and use recipes.

  2. OMG what a fabulous trip! Looks like you had the best time ever and how awesome Alexa got to go too. She has grown so much!

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