Thursday, July 5, 2012

San Diego Fireworks Epic Fail

At least I got a fantastic picture of the fireworks last the epic fail that took place in front of our eyes. We happen to be fortunate enough to live along the water so we simply walk across the street to the open park to watch multiple sets of synchronized fireworks each year.

This year was quite different because about 15 minutes too early multiple sets of fireworks exploded at once. At first some thought that it may have been a different way to grab the attention of the 500,000+ people that crowd in many areas around the San Diego bay, but it turned out that all of our fireworks exploded at once.

In less than a minute our entire show was done. I felt bad for the majority of people who camp out all day to get a good spot for viewing and then sit in traffic jams when it is over and everyone disperses to the freeways.

My husband and I figured it out right away...we knew something wasn't right. There was too much smoke as seen in the photo above. Usually towards the end of the show there will be a lot of smoke, but not at the beginning. They exploded in a ball. At once. Too much smoke. Too early.  Perhaps it was a military interference or someone who hacked the signal? Our internet and text messages stopped working for about 45 minutes after the firework explosion began.

It was a beautiful evening. We have a marine layer settle over us.

I had champangne mixed with orange sherbet. It was delicious!


  1. Dang! Epic fail is right! You had the perfect view, and I'm sure other years are great. Aren't you glad you didn't have the long wait and traffic?

  2. I saw this story on the news too! What a bummer... You guys/gals had a great view. At least you still had your champangne mixed with orange sherbet!


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