Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bottega Italiana

My friend has been telling me about this amazing gelato place over on Coronado (Coronado, California) for some time. We were in the area today and decided to stop by this place called Bottega Italiana.

It was nice to see they also have a coffee menu! They serve smoothies, gelato, gelato shakes, as well as coffee drinks.

Prices for the gelato are as follows:
Small 1 Flavor: $3.30
Medium 2 Flavor: $4.50
Large 3 Flavor: $5.70
Pint: $8.40

I loved seeing the brightly colored case of gelato as soon as we stepped inside the door. Our daugter's immediately picked chocolate but I was torn between hazelnut and coconut.

I asked to sample the coconut and upon tasting the rich, natural creaminess of it, I ordered a small. In hindsight I totally could have went for a pint and ate it by myself in one sitting.

This is the chocolate gelato. It tasted of high quality cocoa and I was very pleased with it. I mean, who doesn't like chocolate gelato? Right?

Before hitting up the gelato place we were at the beach on North Island.

It turned out to be a gorgeous summery day. Finally. May and June we experience the coastal eddy which traps us in thick marine layer for most of the day. You can see the marine layer sitting off the coast in the distance.

I saw these benches and totally wanted to sit here. It looks like a cozy place to sit with the benches facing one another hidden by the sand dune.

A perfect Thursday so far...I am getting ready to meet another friend for coffee (latte for me!) tonight to discuss some books we have been reading! Tomorrow we go see the new Disney Pixar Brave movie. 



  1. This seems such great place! I’ve never seen anything similar in my area. Interesting, we just came back from Italy yesterday late afternoon and here I’m 4:15 am… can’t sleep because my body is still 6 hours ahead. It takes a couple of days to get back into your regular time. Anyway, this place looks exactly like in Italy, even the little bowl you are holding looks the same. Coconut was my favorite flavor! It was already quite hot and since we were walking a lot around the cities a nice gelato was always nice. Now I really need to start getting back into my exercise routine every day.

    1. That is really neat that you went to Italy? Have you been there before? I love just about anything with coconut. I hope you re-adjust back to your normal schedule soon! :)


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