Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Target Haul: Treat Yourself!

I normally don't buy much for myself...maybe something here and there but I love to browse around. Recently my sister came to visit us and I got a few things for myself at Target that I love but would typically pass up. I went to Target today and found a few more things that I couldn't live without and thought I would share my haul with you guys! I really need accessories, shoes, etc. but like I said I tend to pass them up until now...

Tip: Always check and click on their Coupon icon. There are 17 pages of coupons you can print from home at any time. I often find a few dollars of accessories, Mossimo, Merona, or apparel in general coupons. Today I printed off a coupon for buy one get one 50% off all shoes. Since I barely have any sandals and what I have are several years old I picked out new summer sandals for a total of $22.50 for two pairs.

These are Merona and come in 5 different colors. I picked out blue and they are normally priced $15.00.

I also picked out these, normally priced $14.99. They are a patent orange/coral color by Mossimo.

My sister bought me this nail polish when she was here. It is called "Something New" by Sally Hansen Diamond Strength. It is the same kinda neon orangey-coral color. This polish wears really well, no chipping!

These earrings are normally priced at $5.99 each but today I got them for $5. They have a large selection of earrings at 3 for $15 or $5 each. These are gold twisted with that same orangey-coral color.

I have been loving this hat for keep the sun off of my face. I bought it was $12.99 but this week it is on sale in the stores.

I became an EOS lip balm fan a few months ago and recently snatched up the Strawberry Sorbet flavor. I keep multiples of these all around the house and in my bag.

I commit to the same wallet and purse for a long time...I am talking anywhere from 1 or more years at a time. I have a similar wallet in a light aqua color that I have had for about 3 years that has seen its better days. I found this one at Target today to replace my old one.

Its perfect!

For some reason this photo refused to rotate for me. I got this statement necklace on clearance for $14.98. It was normally $ of those necklaces they keep in their small jewelry counter. It felt like a splurge to me even at the clearance price but it was the only one left and I absolutely loved it and have nothing like it. It is gold with three very light aqua stones.

Awesome makeup remover wipes in the travel section. Tip: Buy these...they have 10 wipes in a package for .99 cents each. Regular size packages of makeup remover wipes are pricey at $5-$6-$7+ her package. A regular package usually comes with 25-30 wipes but if you buy three packs of these you get 30 wipes for $2.97! I like these because they are super soft and fresh.

If you have a daughter check out the maxi dresses in the girls department. We got this maxi dress (it goes all the way to the floor) for $19.99 and it comes with a belt. My 6 year old is in love with maxi dresses and this has become her favorite. The best part is the straps are adjustable.


  1. Cute accessories! I love your hat, I was thinking about getting one for myself as we are going on a cruise next week...just wondering if it would get damaged in my suitcase. Also, if you don't mind, where did you get that t-shirt you are wearing in your video? Sometimes it's hard to find plain simple t-shirts like that.

    1. The hat is crushable, I think it would travel okay. It got tossed into a bin earlier this week and was smashed flat and I pulled it out and was able to put it on. I got my tee on clearance (like $3) from Gap earlier this year. I know it is hard finding plain tees that fit right...not too tight, not too loose.

  2. Fabulous haul! I saw someone wearing those blue sandals yesterday and thought, "I totally love those, where did they come from" I know :)


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