Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sweet Treat Idea List for Mom

Mother's Day is next week on May 13th. Here is a list of sweet treats I have whipped up in my kitchen in the past that may help to give you ideas if you are looking for a sweet treat to present to your mom! These are Vanilla Butternut Pecan Truffles dipped into tempered milk chocolate.

These are Key Lime Truffles made the same way as the Vanilla Butternut, just with Key Lime oil in place of the nuts and Vanilla Butternut. They are also dipped into tempered milk chocolate.

Have an ice cream maker? Break it out and put it to use! There are a lot of creamy ice cream recipes out there waiting to be made. You can package it up nicely in a container and take it to Mom! If she needs any bowls or dessert cups you could package it up together! This photo above is Richer Than German Chocolate Ice Cream.

This is a recipe I put together in a springform pan using a homemade Oreo crust, chocolate and whipped cream base that I froze together. Decorate the top by piping some extra homemade whip and adding cherries for color and interest (and to eat!) Serve frozen.

This is my Mom's favorite. It is the Caramel Macchiato Cheesecake on

Don't forget the homemade Whipped Cream! It is very easy to make! I serve this on top of the Caramel Macchiato Cheesecake with caramel.

Is Mom coming over to your place? Serve this Chocolate Pizza straight out of the oven. It will likely be a conversational piece. Who knew about Chocolate Pizza? 

I like to fall back onto my signature recipe and the first one of mine that AllRecipe published, the MySweetCreations Peanut Butter Cookie Pie.  I do admit that I now make this with homemade whip in place of Cool Whip and wish I would have written the recipe to reflect that. Make sure you serve it with extra Reese's, chocolate and caramel sauces on top. I also add a side of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

How about these Chai Latte Muffins? It has been a while since I made these but I still remember how delicious they were. Serve with an extra drizzle of caramel and sprinkle of cinnamon/nutmeg on top.

Go easy with Peanut Butter Gem Squares. They are basically cookie bars of the peanut butter and M&M variety. Decorate with extra goodies on top if you want! I lightly press the M&M's onto the dough just before baking.

Whoopie Pies are fun, but best made and consumed the day they are made.

I can't tell you how many times I have made the Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie. It is also one of my favorite recipes to fall back on when all else fails. A couple of tips if you want yours to taste like a "mall cookie"is to decorate it using homemade buttercream and store bought rich chocolate icing.

Guaranteed everyone will swoon over this dessert. The Buster Bar Dessert tastes just like Dairy Queen's Peanut Buster Parfait. I made this using homemade vanilla ice cream and whip. Seeing this photo makes me want to make this again.

Simple yet delicious....Marshmallow Pops. Stick a lollipop stick through a marge marshmallow (they even make jumbo ones now) and dip into the chocolate of your choice. Roll them into a variety of sprinkles or topping such as coconut, nuts, cookie crumbs, etc.

Classic Red Velvet Cake.

This is my twist on one of those Snickers and apple salads. Try my Delicious Candy Apple Salad.

Monogram your Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake. This is another of my Mom's favorite sweet treat recipes. I make this for her each year when I visit during the summer.

This is the MySweetCreations Peanut Butter Cookie Pie recipe with a brownie bottom in place of the Oreo crust. I drizzle this with chocolate sauce and melted peanut butter.

Keep it easy and dip fortune cookies into white chocolate or candy melts! Wrap them up in a clear cellophane bag with a ribbon.

Seriously....who doesn't love cookie dough? Try this Eggless Cookie Dough.

Take it a step further and dip your cookie dough into tempered milk chocolate to create a Cookie Dough Truffle.

 ***  I hope this helped to give you all some ideas for Mom! What is your Mom's favorite sweet treat? ***


  1. Great ideas! My Mom loves sweets, I wish she lived near us so I would make something very special for her because she is the best!
    My boys (and hubby) are making French toast for me on Mother's Day morning, and later we are going out for dinner. Wish you a Happy Mother's Day, Kelly!

  2. Oh, yum! I think the butternut truffles would be my favorite. Maybe your husband will treat you to some treats! Have a great Mother's Day.

  3. My 11 year old just looked over my shoulder and said your Peanut Butter Pie looks soooo good.

  4. All those pictures are making me so hungry! I just love your recipes!


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