Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Adventuring Randoms

Here are some photos from the past two weeks! I have more to share in upcoming posts as I don't want to bombard you all at once.
We met Sully at Disneyland and he was by far the coolest character yet. We went on a Thursday and I never seen so many characters at one time at Disneyland and California Adventure...they were everywhere!

My sister came to visit for 10 days so we had to take her to Disneyland. I went on the Hollywood Tower of Terror with her. It was only my second time and quite terrifying, although not as bad as the first time. The anticipation of the drop eats at me while we wait in line and as we board the ride.

Just my cat looking cute on the couch.

I made my Cinnamon Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies this week while my sister was here. I like to make the cookies large by using about 1/2 cup of dough rolled into a ball. I get eight very large cookies out of the batch by doing this.

Yogurtland love. This place is the best! Mine is the lower one...I like to get several flavors and cover them in chocolate sauce.

My sister works at Starbucks and she taught me how to make my cold chai into a dirty chai. It is so easy but I had no idea that a dirty chai is a chai with a shot of espresso!

Yes....more fro-yo. This time we went to a local place to try out their frozen yogurt flavors.

My fabulous Home Goods haul that brought me much excitement. I fell in love with the pillow until I got home and discovered the front from coming apart in three different places and with use and time it would totally come apart so I had to return it. Unfortunately it was the only one they had.

My sister hasn't had the pleasure of walking through an IKEA yet, so we went. We both love this really long white desk and it also has hidden rollers underneath and can roll over your bed creating a workspace. It was perfect for her as a college student getting ready to move out for the first time this summer.

She loved this purple bedding.

This is my IKEA haul.....nothing too exciting. They had sets of the jars $3.99 for 4. I ended up putting rubber bands, paper clips, etc. in them, but they are intended for kitchen use. You can get really creative with them. I also purchase a 2 pack of magazine holders for $4.99. I put my cookbooks in them and tucked them into the pantry for a clean look.

Excuse the terrible dressing room lighting. I branched out while my sister was here and bought these black flowy short with scalloped details at the hem. They were already marked down and got to take an additional 30% off so they were $13.

Me and my girls at home....

Peanut Butter Treasure Cookie Dough (recipe can be found in the previous post) that my sister and I devoured late at night while we played juvenile board games. Games are the best.

Me along the Pacific Ocean.

I also branched out and bought this maxi skirt at Old Navy with my sister. I have already worn it three times and I am loving it!

Tried something new at a local place called Chi Chocolat. These actually scoop melted chocolate out of their tempering machines to make lattes and mochas. I tried the spicy mocha and it ended up having both chili and black pepper in it and was a tad on the hot side. 

Checking out Cost Plus World Market I spied some aqua blue kitchen treasures. I ended up passing because I wanted to buy several of these containers but they were $4.99 each and that adds up quickly. Instead I bought these!

My sister loved this couch, it was so cute and full of character!

Each button was covered in a different fabric.

I also found a table I liked at World Market. The top was grayish black and reminded me of a chalk board. I couldn't tell if it was metal or some other material.

That's all for now! I will be sharing more photos soon!

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