Friday, April 27, 2012

InstaFriday: My Week in Pictures

Great maxi dress at Target, but sadly they didn't have it in my size. This one was too large for me.  :(

This got this ottoman at Target for $10.98! It was missing the tag and was bouncing around the the clearance shelves for a couple of months until I saw it, new it had to be cheap, and had an employee track down a price for it. This gray beauty now lives in my entry.

Greek dinner: Falafel Sandwich.

Just my cat taking a nap in my arms. So precious.

What do you know? Shopping at Target. One of my favorite things to do. I don't usually buy a bunch of stuff, but I like to look around.

Daughter's new maxi dress.

Mmmm...Baskin Robbins birthday cake.

Having a homemade latte.

We went to Disneyland, this is the new look of the Disneyland Hotel lobby. Sweet tea cup seating!

I made a frozen toaster waffle look fancy. Very easy to do!

Attempting to colorblock.

Latte in Old Town San Diego. I am currently in a hypothyroid swing and by 10:00AM all energy and life has been sucked out of me and this is the first time where I felt like I need coffee to get through the day. Perhaps that is why you see so many latte photos this week.   :)

I love this makeup brush set for obvious reasons. #aqua

life rearranged


  1. LOVE all of your pics! That maxi dress Alexa is wearing is way cute...where did you get it? My daughter, Lily, would love it!

  2. They just got them in at Target in the girls section (Size XS 4/5 and up.)


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