Friday, April 6, 2012

InstaFriday, My Week In Photos

Welcome to my week in photos! I have a lot of them because I take a lot of photos of nothing. After running with my friend, we decided to indulge in pastries and coffee. We just run so we can eat more sweets.   ;)

Made sugar cookies as my daughter's birthday treat to share with her classmates at school.

Always posing for a picture these days...

Picked up party supplies for the upcoming birthday party.

I love taking pictures of the cat.

Easter egg hunting.

BBQ food at the Easter Egg Hunt, love it.

Cool picture I took of the marine layer clouds moving in from the ocean.

Made some homemade peanut butter eggs and ate them all.

Snacking on brie and crackers last weekend.

Having a glass of Riesling last weekend.

Got a vanilla latte, been a long time since I had one.

Went to the zoo and got a close up of the leopard/jaguar or whatever it is eating lunch. It was really cool to see.

My baby relaxing with me on the patio in the sunshine.

Got a square cake plate and proper square cake pan with removable bottom at Home Goods for $17!

Nasty chemtrails in the sky. They have been relentless with the spraying this past week.

Cake from the Extraordinary Cakes cookbook I made for my daughter's birthday.

Books I put on hold at the library that finally came in. I originally read "Something Borrowed" and "Something Blue" many years ago when they came out. I forgot what happened in "Something Blue" and after watching the first movie I wanted to read the second book again.

We got a free cookie at the commissary while grocery shopping and they were delicious.

Cake donuts, we love the maple ones the best.

Commuter train whizzing by while I was outside of Toys R Us

Awesome True Religion and Citizens of Humanity jeans I found at Goodwill. Sadly, none of them fit me right.

Made au gratin potatoes with this cheese. It gave it a more grown up flavor.

Loved this outfit in the J. Crew store window.

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  1. My goodness, it all looks wonderful. I REALLY want to try the chocolate/pb eggs but am making Easter Stollen tomorrow. What type of pastry is in the first pic?

    1. It is a brioche cinnamon roll from a local place called Con Pane.

  2. Found you from Insta-Friday! Love your blog! Can't wait to try all your yummy recipes! Peanut butter eggs are up first! :)


  3. I wish I could find some awesome jeans at Goodwill here in FL. Usually I buy them at an outlet Saks Fifth Ave. Your homemade cake looks delicious, what kind of cake is it?


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