Wednesday, March 28, 2012

White House Black Market Housewife Dress

Obsessed with this dress...but this is how it started. My brother is getting married next year so on a whim over a month ago I decided to look up dresses at White House Black Market on my laptop one night. I own two formal dresses from this store and it is like they were made just for me.....fitted and flattering in all the right places.

I saw this polka dot shirt dress that just arrived and loved the look of it but eventually forgot all about it until this week. I checked online to see if they still had it out of curiosity and it was no longer on the website. I met a friend for coffee at the Fashion Valley mall today and felt like I was being pulled into this store afterwards. It was this feeling that I knew they had on there on clearance in my size.

Guess what? They had three left and one of them was in my size! It was marked down to $69.99 from $148. This is me trying it on in the dressing room. The fabric is luxurious and plentiful with a full skirt, cinched fitted waist and classic style. I LOVE the modest length of the skirt as well.

It was a splurge for me to purchase something like this on a whim, but I have zero guilt because it was the one and it felt right.

The best part was I didn't even realize it had hidden side pockets until I got home!

I am planning on wearing it this spring and summer as a casual dress.

The side of the shopping bag says exactly how I feel in this dress.

I also tried on this dress which was marked down to $69.99. I really loved this silk dress but could justify buying two dresses like this in one day.

I also love the modest and comfortable fit of this dress. I prefer my back to be covered in dresses and I love the sleeves. Very beautiful and classy to me!


  1. Love the dress. Retro fabulous. Now you need some pearls-I have an amazing three strand set that I wear (in champagne). Check some of the etsy stores; you can often find some at bargain prices.

  2. I love those heels, it goes great with that black top. The stylish designs at White house black market are really glamorous. I love them a lot!


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