Saturday, March 24, 2012

Entry Overhaul

 This ottoman was love at first sight. I found this at Home Goods in November and thought it would be perfect for the entry. I bought the ottoman all right.....but it only lived in my entry for about 5 days before it found its home in the living room where it works much better. My living room already has pops of this exact teal so it worked out well in the end. 

I have been wanting to make over our entryway for some time. I managed to get rid of the entry table we purchased for our new home when we lived in Iowa. The matching table, mirror, and lamp worked well for our grand entry in that home but not so much in our California home. We lamp found it's home on our covered patio, the table went to Goodwill last fall, and the mirror which doesn't match anything is still sadly hanging on the wall.


Browsing at Home Goods a few days ago I came across this table as a possibility.

I went back again the following day and fell in love with this. It was absolutely perfect for the space. The size was just right.....tall enough, only 13 inches in depth, the width was great.

Love the simple style, the shiny knobs....

....and check out the great use of space inside. I am imagining baskets and storing hats and umbrellas in there. I look at the top and there are huge scratches........SO BUMMED! I am going to check back often to see if they get another one of these in.  :(

I think I found the gray runner I want on and I am currently looking for either a white or shiny metal framed mirror. I will keeo you all updated if I ever get around to finding the right pieces for this space!


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