Saturday, March 31, 2012

Best Rolled Sugar Cookies

The best sugar cookie cutouts are called the The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies on
My go to icing is the Sugar Cookie Icing. It is time consuming making the dough, allowing it to refrigerate, rolling them out, get the point!

Even more time consuming is make several batches of the icing, coloring it, making sure it is the right consistency and tediously icing each and every cookie.

See what I mean? You are looking at 60 cookies that need to be iced.

I like to use a smooth edged butter knife from Crate and Barrel. They carry them for $2.95. I bought it specificially for icing sugar cookies like this.

I make them in the evening and allow them to sit out on the counter overnight to dry. In the morning the icing will be dry to touch yet remain colorful and shiny. You are stack them in the morning for transport or storage.

I had some leftover purple Wilton's Candy Melts, so I decided to dress them up by piping a "6" on them. I made these for my daughter to take to school for her birthday treat to pass out to her class.

In the morning I was unsure of which container to put the cookies into to take to school. After poking around the pantry I decided to try out my chip and dip container. I got this at Target over a year ago and it comes with a lid. My friend thought it was a cookie container when she saw it!

I didn't want to leave the center empty, so I broke out some Easter Reese's Cup and put enough Reese's in the center for her to pass along with the cookie.


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