Friday, February 3, 2012

What I Wore: Clothing and Hair Styles

Trying new things I layered a striped shirt under plaid. I recently pinned a guide on how to do this on Pinterest. I also tried out a different hair style the same day, a messy side bun.

Rocking my Minnetonka thunderbird moccasins but even more exciting than that is the jeans I am wearing.

They are a like new and still crisp pair of Joes Jeans I found at Goodwill this week for $29. I am short and it was a bonus that the inseam is just the right size for me. Seriously sweet.

I did another messy bun. Photos aren't the greatest, I think it looks better in person, but whatever.

The back....

Messy side bun.

This day I wore my comfy white v-neck shirt.

I started the day off with lots of volume, left half of my hair down, but I went for a run and ended pinning with rest of it up. It stayed in quite well with all of the pins I had in there.

Thanks to other people's blog and YouTube I am able to learn how to style my hair, seriously.    :)

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