Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thrifty Outfit of the Day

My thrifty outfit of the day. The only way to go.


  1. I wish we had better thrift stores in my town:(

    I have a question for you about your comforter...What size did you get? and what size is your bed? We went to Target a few weekends ago (it is 70 miles away), and I really liked the feel and weight of the comforter...but I am one of those indecisive perfectionists, so I didn't grab it while I was there. I know that sometimes the queen comforters fall short on pillowtop mattresses, and I wanted to make sure that it is a good fit before I order one! Thank you!!!

    1. Jessie, the bed is a queen and I got the queen size comforter. Our matress is a bit thick and had some pillow comfort, but it isn't a thick pillowtop by any means. The comforter falls exactly perfectly around the sides of the bed. We have a wood frame all the way around and it just meets the frame. Ours is the blue color, but I really liked the gray set they had as well. The quality of it has been nice too. I hope that helps.

    2. Thank you! I ordered the blue and a cream colored down alt blanket to go underneath, as we are in freezing cold Michigan. I am so excited to get them now!!


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