Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Attachment Leaking

So sad to learn that my ice cream attachment is leaking. I found a small puddle of blue liquid in my freezer this week and discovered it is coming from my freezer bowl. I bought this brand new from Craigslist for $40 two years ago and I have used this attachment quite often! I did an internet search and found many people have had the same problem. I am so bummed out because it will cost $80 - $100 to replace this item. I am especially bummed because I have a lot of heavy cream sitting in my fridge that I intended to make ice cream with. Also, my daughter's birthday is coming up in April and I usually make the ice cream for the party and now I am out an ice cream maker.

I contacted Kitchen Aid and we have been playing phone tag, but it is well past the one year warranty and I doubt very much there is anything they can do.

 I have been checking out the Cuisinart  Ice Cream Maker, which happens to come in an aqua color. What do you all think....should I re-invest in another Kitchen Aid attachment or explore with a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker?


  1. My sister has the CuisineArt and really likes it. The only issue she had was when she hadn't freezed the bowl long enough and that was her own error. I have borrowed it from her and really like it, too. Hope that helps. Bummer on the leaking-hate when small appliances break.:(

  2. Bummer!!! I just got the KitchenAid one and have no info on the CusineArt kind. Can you find some reviews about it online? PS. Made chocolate ice cream - awesome. Still need to make your red velvet, maybe for Valentine's Day! Happy running.

  3. hello,
    i am intending to buy the ice cream attachment. However after reading that it do leak after certain use am quite worried. Mostly because of the coolant liquid. I wanted to know which kitchenaid stand mixer you have. Is it the stand mixer or the tilted one. Because aparently most people have the mixer leak at the same place as yours. Thanks for replying.

  4. I have the same freezer bowl with the same issue, and the stand mixer that pedestals up & down. I suppose the mixer body presses too hard against a weak spot in the bowl creating this problem.

    I was given mine as a gift sometime around 2010. I use it about 3 or 4 times a year, otherwise it sit in a cupboard.

    And yes, it rather suddenly started leaking slightly. Maybe it's better to keep it in the freezer like the manual says.


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