Friday, February 10, 2012


My life this week, in photos.

life rearranged

Made these FiberOne Chocolate-Peanut Butter Haystacks from and they are delicious.

Training for my first half marathon and ran 9 miles on Tuesday. I drink one of these before going for a long run. 9 miles is my longest run to date.

Made cookie dough with my daughter's Kindergarten class. I had to dash home to bake the cookies and return to class in an hour and a half this day.

Been searching for yogurt chips for trail mix. Making a trail mix recipe at home and also with my daughter's class on the 100th Day of School. I wanted to bring yogurt chips.

Very sadly, my Kitchen Aid Ice Cream bowl sprung a leak on its own and is ruined.

Pouting at the park.

Found this J Crew dress for $6.99 and bought it. I love the retro housewife look.

Mixing plaids with stripes. Yes, I have a bright orange purse.

Got the aqua paper straws and retro popcorn bags in the mail for my daughter's retro candy shop theme birthday coming up in April.

Picture I took of my cat today. Her name is Haylee.

Book I am currently reading.

Blood Orange Ricotta cake from Extraordinary Desserts. Went with friends last week, we had a table full of desserts.

I also ordered the Dulce de Leche Chocolate Cake.

Created these cookies, Cranberry White Chocolate. They also have cardamom and cinnamon in these as well and they turned out great.

Made homemade Snickers bars thanks to this picture on Pinterest.

These are my homemade Snickers bars.

Went to Staples and got some Martha Stewart office organizational pieces.


  1. I had no idea that Staples had MS stuff! I'm on it!

    Where are those aqua straws from? Love them!

    Happy InstaFriday!

  2. We also did a trail mix for my son's kindergarten class for 100th day of school. We used chocolate chips instead. Kids were really excited, very cute! Love your casual/chic look with plaids, stripes and your organge bag!

  3. Thanks Rose! I am "trying" to have more style...thanks to Pinterest!

  4. Nikki, I got the aqua paper straws on eBay. There is a variety of colors listed on eBay, but there are some other websites that also offer them. Hope that helps!

  5. Aww I love tortoiseshell cats! Haylee is adorable! Seeing pets on InstaFriday makes me smile. :)


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