Friday, February 24, 2012

InstaFriday, My Week in Photos

My life this week in cell phone pictures!

A photo I took this morning that I love!

Mmmmm.....made this Home Style Macaroni and Cheese recipe from 
It is my favorite. Seriously, you should try it.

Close up of the pattern on my "old lady" top I found at Goodwill. I actually love this top and the necklaces are from Goodwill too.

A delicious carrot cake I made this week.

Daughter is walking to the park.

I deep cleaned my daughter's room. I took everything out of her closet. This is part of my mess...

...and this is the other half of my mess. I really tore everything apart and reorganized.

Made some crepes for the first time. They were okay. Also made some homemade whipped cream and strawberry sauce to go with it.

Trying on shoes at TJ Maxx. The patent nude wedges I loved! They were by Anne Klein. The blue wedges were by BCBG. I always wanted blue shoes... I got them and they cost $13.

Vases I saw at Home Goods.

Made some chocolate shortbread from my new Extraordinary Cakes cookbook. This was before it went into the oven.

How I decided to save and store my daughter's Valentine momentos.

Mmmmm.........we went to one of our favorite Greek places.

Got a new camera and was this close to returning it today because after a week my videos were not importing into my computer. After a couple of calls to Sony today I learned that HD videos are different and I needed converting programs and codes and on and on.....I was frustrated to say the least and when I was ready to give up a short while ago, I FINALLY got it to work! Yay.

Getting ready to run some hills.
life rearranged


  1. Love these, Kelly! The carrot cake is so cute! I love the whimsical looking carrots. Very nice:)

  2. What a fabulous week! Totally trying the mac n cheese recipe, the decoration on your carrot cake is perfection and your princess is just too sweet :)

  3. Thanks Jessie and Steph! I got decorating ideas for the carrot by scrolling through icing photos on ! It was delicious enough that I might make it again this weekend.

  4. You should have a style tab on your blog. You always look so fashionable and pair things that I would never think goes together but they do. Even your daughter is stylish. I have ZERO style and in fact basically live in black yoga pants and a black fleece. I would love some tips :O) How is the running going?

  5. The running is going great! I am logging my progress on <----That is my running profile. I am glad you like my style blogs, I am venturing into style for the first time in my life! Still new to me!

  6. Your little girl looks so fly in her park outfit! Stylista! The blue shoes you got are suer cute, too! :)


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