Saturday, February 18, 2012

InstaFriday: My Life in Photos

I snagged a bag of Birthday Cake Oreos a day after viewing the commercial on TV. Tasty!

My cat woke up Friday morning limping so I took her to the vet. The vet has two cats that live in the waiting room and they climbed over to check out my cat in her pet carrier. So cute.

This is my cat, Haylee, after the vet. She was looking for my attention.

I finally bought myself some makeup and I am totally in love with it. Estee Lauder foundation that really works with coverage, that stays on, yet is light and smooth. Also got the Benefit brow wax and powder which is amazing and an Estee Lauder highlighting creme.

Made the Sesame Noodles recipe from
It was delicious.

Made up some Valentine sweet treat gift bags for my daughter to give her neighborhood friends at a party this Saturday.

Enjoyed a Pumpkin Spice Latte at my local Starbucks...they still have the syrup left!

Alexa got to climb into a tree.

Okay, okay......I know a lot of cat photos this week! She was just so adorable this week. I was trying to read my new cookbook on the living room floor and she kept laying on it so I got out my novel and opened it for her to lay on. Problem solved.

My new Ann Taylor Loft top. I got this at a local resale store and I love it.

Making out Valentine' Day cards to her classmates. So sweet! 

My Valentine's Day outfit.

Sporting a flower pin in my hair. I got it at Target a couple of weeks ago for $7.99. Works as a hair pin or you could pin it onto a sweater too.

Trying on clothes at the thrift store. I got this top, it is Ann Taylor for $3.99. I loved the skirt but this time of my life it isn't practical.

I spy new M&M's at Target. Haven't tried them yet.

I told you, lots of cat pictures this week! My kitty crawled onto my back as she often does while I was hunched over the computer. This was the first time she decided to lay down and fall asleep. She was even snoring! Adorable!

life rearranged


  1. oreo's bday? Gotta try that out! Raspberry m&ms? gotta try that out! sesame noodles? I LOVE...

  2. Funny, I usually end up with a crazy chihuahua on my shoulder. I swear she must have been a parrot in a former life. Does that mean I was a pirate in a former life?? Keep forgetting about the b-day oreos - MUST TRY!! Wish I was skinny enough to score some cool finds at thrift stores. Maybe if I don't eat the oreos?? ;)

  3. Love this weeks captures! I so want to grab some of those Oreos and your flower hair pin is adorable!!

  4. Love reading your blog. Thanks for all the inspiration! It made me miss my favorite cat ever. Clovis:(
    Are the Oreos as good as regular? Better?

    1. I like the birthday Oreos and I took them to a Valentine party for everyone else to sample and every person liked them.....I came home with an empty bowl.

  5. I LOVE that Sesame Noddles recipe! We eat them about every other week:) They are one of my kid's favorites.

    Your kitty is so sweet:) I love cats, but unfortunately I am VERY allergic to them.

    Have a great week:)

    1. *noodles*...NOT "noddles"...I think I need to go to bed;)


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