Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thrift Store Haul

I love finding bracelets at Goodwill. The gold one is hinged which I love. The other bracelet is gold and cream. $4.99 for both.

This is a vintage 100% silk top, $3.99.

Here I am trying it on. I am trying to go outside my comfort zone for the sake of some style. 

I like the sleeves and the cuff. Want to wear bracelets and a long gold necklace with this.

This is an Old Navy medium weight sweater. I always wanted an argyle sweater but never found one with the right fit. This one is perfect for me. $3.99.

This is also some sort of vintage top or vintage style? Love it. $3.99.

Hudson Jeans I got brand new at a resale/consignment store last week for guess how much? ......... $35! That's right. Awesome. Much better than going to Nordstorm and paying $198.

I was inspired by this photo on Pinterest of a girl sporting an aqua blazer. I came across this one, but I knew it would be too big. Unfortunately it was too big, but I will keep searching. I know it looks like it may fit in the photos, but it was too big.

Thanks for checking out my thrift haul!
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  1. I just saw the video. Great stuff! I love the chevron green & black top. It would look great with black leggings and some old cowboy boots.

    1. Great idea, I didn't think of pairing it like that......just need some old cowboy boots.


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