Thursday, January 19, 2012

This is my life in a week through cell phone pictures. I participated in InstaFriday.
life rearranged

Over the weekend I had my hear buried in a Stephen King novel, Under The Dome. Every time I sat down to read, my cat curled up on my book.

Again, a few hours later.

I made a peanut butter chocolate milkshake with fresh whipped cream.

Loving my pet cat but she doesn't want it, notice the paw telling me not to come any closer.

Got my hair cut and the owner got a new dog named Zeus. My daughter is afraid of dogs, even 2 pound dogs, but loved this one and he never left her side the entire time we were there.

Fell in love with the EOS lip balm. I know Sephora carries it but I came across it at Target this week.

Made and baked a foccacia bread recipe from  It was super easy and very tasty.

Most days my sister in another state and I share our outfit of the day with each other, this is one of those photos. I put a flower in my hair this day.

Bought a new vaccum cleaner from Costco. I made a video based on this on my YouTube Channel. Link to my channel is on the sidebar if you are interested in checking it out!

Love this picture of me and my cat. Her name is Haylee.

Got my Allstar Welcome Package. I volunteered to participate in a 12 month program of trying recipes, submitting photos, giving feedback to brands, etc. I did this for the last 6 months and it was fun.

Snacked on Coconut M&M's while waiting to pick my daughter up from school.

Lots of thrifting this week.....went to Goodwill and got this vintage silk top.

Also found this at Goodwill too.

Got these Hudson jeans, new, at a local consignment resale store for $35.

Volunteered at my daughter's school to organize and price goods for the rummage sale this weekend. Found great little girl clothes as they allowed us to shop as we sorted. My biggest deal was these like new Seven for All Mankind jeans for my daughter. I paid $1 for them.

As I type I am sipping on this chocolate malt I made.


  1. Love the kitty pics. You have me hooked on EOS balm. I saw a pin you did and then when in RiteAid I saw it and thought, why not? Now 3 have three of them for all the girls in the

  2. Hey Steph, glad you like the EOS as much as I do. I only have one, but next time I go to Target I want to get another. What flavors did you get? I am kinda partial to the mint because I usually use the Burt Bees version.


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