Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shiny Silver Kitchen Accessories

I was inspired by this photo from Veranda Interiors which shows tall shiny silver candle pillars flanking each side of the stove/cooktop. I admired the look for some time and I recently saw something similar at Home Goods but I was bummed out when they only had one candle pillar available.

It has been a few weeks and I resigned myself to starting the search for the perfect candle pillars all over again. I went to Home Goods yesterday and saw they actually got more of the same candle pillars I fell in love with in. I measured the pillars and went home to measure my space to make sure it would work and went back today to pick them up.

I also fell in love with these shiny silver wood like glass vases. The texture is amazing and they are very unique.

As soon as I got home I began to clean the kitchen and wipe down the counter in preparation for my new kitchen accessories.

I think they are just what I needed. They add interest and somehow actually make the stainless, white cabinets, and especially my aqua accessories pop more. I think the shiny silver causes your eyes to bounce from the pillars themselves to the stainless to the shiny bowl and my Kitchen Aid creating movement.

I got them at Home Goods for $19.99 each. It is a little more than what I would normally like to pay, but they are tall and very beautiful. Once in a while I come across something that I can't live without and these were it! What do you think?

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  1. Those are GORGEOUS and I am so jealous of your beautiful kitchen!

  2. Very nice! It complements your kitchen well. I love Home Goods, I can never leave emptied hand from there.

  3. Thank you for your very sweet note, it is so appreciated!!! They look amazing in your home and it really does make everything else POP!xx

  4. all is lovely.. question, the candle pillars how funny i have the exact same one (sadly one broke this weekend) im trying to find another you wouldn't happen to still have your receipt with the sku number? thanks so much -yalda

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