Thursday, December 29, 2011

Out With The Old & In With The New

I went to Costco on a whim today and did not expect to find my dream couch. We were actually in the market for a couch but as I casually looked around nothing was in the color, modern style with comfort, or fabric that I liked. I figured we would come across something eventually and today was the day. We are going to get it tomorrow morning.

This is a close up of the fabric. I like that it is a normal fabric and not microfiber or mircosuede....I am so over those fabrics. Our current couch is microsuede and even a drop of water leaves a mark and to remove it requires that I clean or wipe down the couch.

This is me sitting in the corner, pretty cushy.

My munchkin having fun trying it out got a serious case of static hair.

Love, love, love the modern style, yet it is comfortable, and especially the color! I secretly wanted to switch to gray from brown so it seems like this was meant to be.

This is an older photo of my living room with our current couch and ottoman. I have them listed on Craigslist and hope to get them out as soon as possible. My current couch has been well loved. It looks pretty good in this photo but one of the boards along the back gave away and it sags and my cat decided to scratch it for the past year. Not very happy about that, but finally found a scratching post she loves and hasn't touched any furniture since.

I still like our current ottoman, but the new set comes with one.
I am looking forward to redecorating to accomodate the new gray tones into my living room. That means I will likely need to switch out my rug and other things with time.


  1. Thanks everyone! It sure was heavy! I helped my husband carry our former sectional down a flight of curved stairs and the new one arms need a rest. :)

  2. We fell in love with this couch and went back to purchase it and they had changed everything to patio furniture. You wouldn't happen to have the item number or know who makes the couch would you?

  3. I loved it too but didn't go back in time. What manufacturer is the sofa? I gotta have it!

  4. I'm looking at this couch at Costco right now, and I love that you have a post on in! Could you tell me if your family has liked it? Thank you!


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