Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home Goods Happy

I have been Home Goods happy since they opened one down the road from me a few months ago. Loving the unique and decent priced home goods. I often take pictures of things I like for inspiration or things I wish I could buy. I really wanted this tall shiny candle holder but they only had ONE! I need two of them so I had to pass it up for now. I wanted to put them on either side of my stove in the kitchen.

I don't need a chair, but I came across this gorgeous dark gray one. Love the color and style of it!

Had a hard time passing this up. They actually had two of these small stools. It is my kitchen color, aqua, and would make a great stool for my daughter.

I am still seriously thinking about this mirror. I am actively looking for a mirror and some sort of thin table or ottoman for our entryway. The size of this mirror is perfect. I would turn it vertical for my purposes and I think a thin white table would look good underneath it.

Love, love, love this mirror. It is rather large but one of those types you prop in the corner. I would love to have this for my bedroom or closet. I recently bought similar mirrors from Home Goods on a smaller scale to hand behind each of my master bedroom nightstands. Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration!  :)

I have been having a hay-day finding Kitchen Aid aqua utensils and other kitchen items at Home Goods and TJ Maxx for the past two months. I found most aqua pieces that exist...just need to find a turner and slotted turner that I know of. I picked up this potato masher tonight.

I got these last month, several prep whisks, measuring spoons, basting spoon, rubber spatulas, etc...

I almost got this a couple of months ago for my entry. As much as I loved this piece, I am glad I waited. There are a lot of options.

I am happy to say that I own this beauty. I could not pass it up! My living room is accented with this exact teal color. I love the comfy yet modern design of this piece.

Another Kitchen Aid aqua kitchen item I found recently.

I am very Home Goods happy. 

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  1. I love the mirror with the white scrolly frame, you should definitely snatch that one up!


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