Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Aqua Addiction

My aqua addiction continues as I scour Home Goods and TJ Maxx for new additions for my kitchen. I have been quit lucky the past couple of months as those two stores have seemingly been flooded with aqua Kitchen Aid items that I had a hard time finding for so long. At this point that only pieces I am missing are:
1.) Slotted Turner
2.) Smooth Turner
3.) Colander

Some items I bought multiples.
 2- Prep Whisks
 4- Rubber Spatulas
 2- Sets of Mixing Bowls
4- Sets of Measuring Spoons
4- Sets of Measuring Cups

There were many items that I never knew existed and I literally gasped when I saw them in the store. I never knew about the kitchen shears, box grater, can opener, egg/mushroom slicer, and mixing bowls.

Are you all partial to a certain color in your kitchen? Do you get tired of certain colors and change them or do you play it safe and stick with neutrals?


  1. Jealous!!!! Looks like I need to checkout my local stores.. especially love the bowls, I so need more!

  2. The aqua is so pretty. My kitchen is a retro kitchen with colors in pink, mint & a lighter robin's egg aqua.

  3. Sweet Apron, that sounds like a pretty mix of colors! I love the retro colors!

  4. Steph, YES! If you like these types of colors check out your local stores! Most utensils are $3.99.

  5. So now your obsession has become mine. I saw the aqua colander and kitchen shears at T.J. Maxx today in my area and thought of you.

  6. Ahhhh......I haven't even seen the colander, only reason I know it exists is because I saw one for a high dollar amount sell on eBay. It is a Kitchen Aid plastic aqua colored one. Good look with your hunt! I am loving the kitchen shears and wouldn't mind findind a second pair.

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