Monday, October 17, 2011

Kitchen Organization & Help Me Decide ....

I am currently spending my morning deep cleaning my kitchen. It started with a simple reorganization of my pantry and then quickly turned into a much needed reorganization of all cabinet spaces. I set aside this deep gray colored magnetic board in my pantry. I have been carrying it around trying to decide what I want to do with it. I agonize over where to hang things on the walls. Help me decide what to do!

Here is that magnetic board hanging on the kitchen wall. My plan is that wherever it hangs, I want to print out some nice black and white photos (just a couple pictures) and use some cool vibrant colored magnets to hang them casually. The second photo is of a framed white and white picture that currently hangs on the wall. So tell me......which do you like better?

#1 ...

... or #2 below.

 Below is my pantry after reorganizing. Some of my white dishes were getting scrunched around and I reserved the entire bottom shelf for all of my white dishes. The shelf extend further back than the picture shows. The second shelf from the bottom holds three different sets of mixing bowls to the left and the right is all of my daughter's snacks and bars she takes to school. The third shelf from the bottom contains pasta, sauces, bread, peanut butter, and chips that are neatly tucked away in a blue canvas bin which is hiding to the right and can't be seen in the photo. The next shelf going up has cereal, dinner foods, etc. The very top shelf has a blue crate that hold my springform pans and other cake pans that I use often. I also have my secondary green apple mixer, a juicer and hiding to the left is my Cupcake Courier.

While cleaning, I was admiring these simple storage containers I picked up at Target about a year ago. When I get home I remove all snack bars and fruit leather from their boxes and put them into these containers to keep the pantry neat and it also allows us to see what we have.

I rearranged the large cabinet above my fridge. It works great for storing large items that I don't use often like the Crock Pot, Coffee Maker, Drink Container for parties, etc. I had a couple of these things on the top shelf of my pantry, but I wanted to tuck them away to make more space, so after reorganizing this space I was able to fit everything in.

Please tell me which wall hanging you prefer from the first two photographs!



  1. I like #2 better. The picture is pretty, it goes well with the rest of your kitchen and it looks like the perfect fit.

    I'm going to steal a ton of your ideas when I move, lol. I really like the idea of printing black and white photographs and using colored magnets, as well as the clear storage to see what you have left. I hate going into those boxes for a granola bar and realizing I only have one left! Great problem solver, thanks! :)

  2. I say stick with the frame in that spot. Kinda silly to hang a magnetic board next to a magnetic fridge. You could just attach the photos to the fridge. I'd put that in more of an office space, etc. Love that black wired fruit basket in the cabinet above your fridge! :)

  3. I think I am leaning towards leaving the black framed picture there. I don't like clutter, so I don't put anything on the fridge. I love the clean look! I got the black wire fruit basket and another matching oblong shaped one from Costco a few years ago. Thanks for the comments!

  4. I like the picture frame as well...Very clean lines like the rest of the house.

  5. I ended up hanging the magnetic board in our stairway. We have three floors and lots of stairs with tall ceilings. I have this vision in my head for it. I need to print out the other black and white photos and get some modern colorful magnets to hang the pictures.

  6. Framed picture! But I think you should add another similar framed picture right above it. The silver board filled the big white space well, but the frame popped. It just needs something to balance out the big white wall, especially with the big fridge next to it. You always have such wonderful organization tips! Love it!

  7. #2 is more classic looking and my eye is drawn more to it. But if you want to create a more modern look in your kitchen, #1 is a cool look. I think #2 looks "cleaner" and I know you like that.

  8. I LOVE the clear storage containers for bars and snacks! I am in need of a solution like that for my snack stockpile!


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