Friday, August 12, 2011

Thrift Haul

I went to the thrift store last night and found a few good things. I originally posted this quickly to share with my sister and intended to delete it, but I thought I would leave it up for everyone else. I tend to have good luck at the thrift stores and this is just one haul or quick trip to the store.

 Above is a Gymboree dress, thrifted for $2.99.

 Above is a Baby Gap winter white sweater tunic or dress. $2.99.
Below is a Baby Gap tunic/dress from the Chelsea Collection thrifted for $1.99.

Below is a Victorias Secret pink thermal hoodie, found for $5.99. Like brand new.
 Gap navy blue and white stripe long sleeve tee. Got this for $3.99.

Express Premium Deluxe Jeans, snagged these for $7.99. I need to get them hemmed up on the bottom since I am short.

My cat, Haylee, looking around this morning.


  1. OMG those were great deals! I need to go to that thrift store. Awesome!

  2. Goodwill, that is where I went. We also went to another thrift store owned by a local church, but I didn't find anything there.


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