Friday, August 5, 2011

Starbucks Gossip

There is an interesting website that I browse through once in a great while called Starbucks Gossip. When I noticed changes in my beloved chai latte I went to the website and found that more water was being used than milk to save money. Whether that is true or not, I do not know. What I do know is I rarely order Chai Tea Lattes and when I do I request it to be made with all milk, no water.

At any rate, this morning I woke up to an article posted on Starbucks Gossip about those who use their laptops in Starbucks. You know the ones....they sit there for hours on end, take up extra chairs for their materials, spread out papers across the table while they sip a simple free glass of water and a regular coffee. I have found this to be particularly bad more recently at our neighborhood Starbucks. Most of the time when we walk in, there is no longer any seating available these days. I have even seen on numerous occasions people meeting at Starbucks, ask for a free glass of water, and proceed to conduct job interviews. Yes, really.

 Well, according to the article I read this morning on Starbucks Gossip, Starbucks has possibly taken a passive-aggressive approach to curing the problem by installing metal covered over the outlets. Please note this is just talk about the measures some Startbucks have taken in a larger city, but this isn't the gazillion other Starbucks are doing.

I understand from business perspective why Starbucks may chose to cover their outlets. There have been times when I have walked into Stabucks, especially in the winter when it is dark outside and upon seeing no seating availability, we turn around and leave the location. I realize not everyone sitting in the store is using a laptop for hours. I really have no problem with latops or people sitting in Starbucks at all. It is just those who abuse Starbucks and take it to the extreme. I think it is absolutely a problem that needs to be addressed in some form or fashion.

Do you think covering the outlets is a good idea for Starbucks? Have you ever been frustrated by the folks who sit on their laptops for hours and hours?

My take is that I like the idea. I would suggest leaving one or two available outlets in one area of the store for those who wish to use laptops and require an outlet.


  1. I wonder if they coulnd't do something with a time limit on wireless or something? I bet most people who are there that long are also online.

  2. Both the Starbucks & Caribou in our downtown are plagued with this problem. It is so maddening when I have gone there with a group of friends and we hover around, sipping our drinks while we wait for a table that often never opens up. Probably 50%-75% of the tables are being used by just 1 person who has their laptop, papers, messenger bag strewn atop. I feel your pain~!
    And my favorite drink is the chai tea latte.

  3. I say go for it. When I stop in with my girls and all they want is to sit and eat their cakepops and yet all the tables are taken by ONE person with a laptop per table... ridiculous! You know what they could do is make all the laptop people share a table....4 people per table. It's not like they are talking to anyone Great post!!!


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