Monday, August 15, 2011

Homemade Pizza Making

It has been too long since the last time I attempted making a homemade pizza. Probably nearly two years see, I gave up on it. Everytime I made homemade pizza dough it was dense and it would never bake right...always too thickand doughy. I have expanded my baking abilities a lot in the past two years and I have even began baking all sorts of bread with success.

That meant it was time to try making homemade pizza dough again. I actually decided to give it a try again when at Costco I saw a huge bag of Sorrento Ultimate Pizza Shredded Cheese blend. With Mozzarella, Aged Bel Paese, Asiago, Provolone, Romano, and Parmesan I couldn't resist the bag. I bought the bag and went home to get started on making pizza dough.

I used the Valentino's Pizza Crust from I split the dough in half and once done, I rolled it out to fit my 12 inch pizza pan. The photos below are of pizza #1. Pretty good, but I know I could improve it the second time. It need to be more brown and crispy.

 Pizza #1

 Pizza #1

 I researched the internet on how to make a homemade crispy pizza. I found that it is better to refrigerate your dough 24 hours before using it. Poking holes in the dough helps it to bake as well as pre-baking the the crust only for 7 minutes before adding the sauce and toppings. Here is my dough, holes poked into it, ready to go into the oven.

This is the result! Besides rolling my dough a little thinner the second time, the other steps I took helped me get the pizza of my dreams!

For the sauce, I made my own Hearty Pizza Sauce. The recipe is enough to (2) 12 inch pizzas. I also split the Valetntino's Pizza Crust recipe into (2) 12 inch pizzas as well. I feel on top of the world now that I accomplished making a good homemade pizza!



  1. Those look amazing! Now i'm wicked

  2. Great tip about refrigerating the dough for a day before using. I'll have to try that! We LOVE homemade pizza!


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