Saturday, July 23, 2011

Top Secret Apple Pie

I have a basket full of Granny Smith and Fuji Apples that I needed to use up. I usually make this Autumn Apple Tart but I decided to search AllRecipes for a faceless recipe, meaning a recipe without a photo. I found this extra spicy Top Secret Apple Pie recipe that looked delicious! I happened to have a pie crust on hand from making homemade pop tarts, perfect!

 I actually opted to use my tart pan instead of a pie pan which worked just as well. Let the cold pie crust rest in the pan while you begin to cut up the apples.

 Add the spices, flour, and sugars to the apples and toss to coat evenly. After that your pie crust should be soft enough to press into your pan.

I didn't have enough dough to make a top for the pie so I whipped up a streusel topping instead.

 I probably used one tablespoon too much of butter for the streusel topping, but I think it really made it all the better. I mean the recipe calls for a lot of sugar, why not induldge in the butter too?

I don't make traditional style pies very often so I was unsure if I should spray the pan before pressing my pie dough into the pan. I didn't do that and my crust stuck to the pan so this really isn't a slice of pie, more like a broken heap of apple pie but it taste just the same! Afterall, this is real life and as much as I would like anything I bake to look and taste perfect all the time, that isn't reality. 



  1. Looks delicious to me! I'm just learning to make pies so I'm impressed by all efforts.

  2. That look insanely delicious and I love the new layout!

  3. Thanks! The credit for the new look goes to A Pocket Full of Buttons for being extremely generous for helping me out!

  4. Yum!!!!
    I never spray my pie plates, but usually use a glass one? Maybe it was the metal?

  5. Looks amazing, love apple pies with streusel! Will definitely have to try this after I harvest the apples off our tree :)


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