Sunday, July 3, 2011

Living Room Update

I recently added a new things to my living room so I thought I would do an update. I am crazy for chocolate brown and the bright teal blue color. My style lies somewhere between modern and comfort.

Although some of these things may be small additions, they are important to me. It takes time to find the right pieces that have the style, durability, and comfort one is looking for. In the photo above, the oblong ruffle pillow is kinda new. I had it for a few months but I found it at Costco for $13.99. It is fairly large and he material is soft and cleanable. I come across the ruffled pillows often, but they are usually made of silk or some other unfriendly fabric.

The chocolate brown blanket laying across the ottoman is also new. I just got the blanket at Bed Bath & Beyond a few days ago. The blanket is $19.99 and it is the softest blanket you can buy! The brand is The Perfect Touch and the reason I love their throw blankets is because they do not pill or create the annoying little fuzzballs, it even says so on the packaging.

Next up is the chair in the corner. We got it several weeks ago at Cost Plus World Market. It is called the Ravenna Chair for anyone that is interested and it is one of their most popular pieces they sell. I can tell you why that is a decent size, very, very soft, comfortable, and the style is just right. The chair normally sells for $279.99, but I found it during a sale and received an extra $10 off so it was $169.99. I am thrilled with the chair and I have been looking for a couple of years for the right one.

I have always been the type who would rather go without and wait for the right thing to come along regardless of how long that may be.

I also found the teal feathered and jeweled pillow on the chair at Pier One Imports while I was visiting in Iowa. Yes, there is a Pier One down the road from my house, but I lugged this pillow all the way from Iowa's Pier One. I am actually glad I did because my nearest Pier One didn't have this pillow. Guess how much I bought it for? It was only $4.18. I am pretty sure most people though it was an ugly pillow or impractical but I fell in love with it.

Lastly, this piece isn't really new, but I don't think I have shared it before. The canvas wall hanging to the right of the drapes is also from Pier One Imports. I believe they were $19.99.

Thanks for checking out my living room!

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  1. Your living room looks very nice and comfy! I love your colors!

  2. ooo, so looks really comfortable and inviting too---love the colors!

  3. does look very cozy with the brown, and the bright blue gives it a nice creative flair.


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