Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Latte Love

I have been induldging in espresso ladden lattes as of late. Great tasting instant espresso, fresh whipped cream in my fridge, and my Aerolatte frother make these homemade drinks possible. This is a "Gingerbread Latte" that I made a couple of days ago. The recipe can be found on

Check out the froth.

Today I made a homemade Caramel Macchiato topped with fresh homemade whipped cream (of course) and a drizzle of caramel syrup and a fresh raspberry. The raspberry dropped to the bottom of my cup and released a fantastic taste into my macchiato.

Do you make any coffee based drinks at home for yourself? Are you still searching for the perfect recipe? Do you use a milk frother?


  1. That caramel macchiato looks delicious! Both of your coffees look like something you'd pay a gazillion dollars for. Good job!

  2. Um wow! Homemade caramel macchiato! Hopefully this is cheaper than the Starbucks version. I will definitely be making this one!

    I wanted to let you know about my cookbook giveaway that is going on right now until July 16th. Stop on by to enter! Hope you are having a great week :)


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