Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fourth of July Dessert Ideas

Before we get started, below is the link to my AllRecipes blog which shows Fourth of July sugar cookie cutouts in the shapes of stars and the United States as well as a fondant covered cake I took to a Fourth of July party two years ago. I no longer have those photos on my computer, so please check out the link here: http://allrecipes.com/Cook/13777775/BlogEntry.aspx?postid=111649

We are only a month away from summery Fourth of July celebrations. Each year in the past we are invited to our friend's home in San Diego for a backyard barbeque and to swim in their saltwater pool. It is something we really look forward to each year and of course I always bring dessert. You will see in the link above the cake and cookies I brought two years ago.

Last year I mixed it up by bringing a giant cookie pizza. Kids or no kids I have found these giant cookie pizzas always get devoured.

You can use most chocolate chip cookie recipes. I use the giant cookie recipe from AllRecipes.com
I recommend using the largest pizza pan you can find. I got mine at Target for a few bucks that I reserve just for the cookie pizzas. Make sure you leave 2 inches of space around the pizza pan for the dough to expand, otherwise it will make a mess in your oven if you don't. Also, I like to put a little extra dough around the edge so when the cookie expands it doesn't get thin and crispy on the edges.
To decorate, gently press some red and blue M&M's into the dough just before baking. Once the cookie has cooled, pipe colored buttercream using a pastry bag onto the cookie.

Above are some chocolate chip cookies my little one decorated. You can also do the same thing with individual sized cookies.

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