Friday, March 4, 2011

The Container Store

I decided to stop by The Container Store since it has been six years since I last stepped foot into this store. I drive past it often, always thinking of going in, but with San Diego traffic and every other person in San Diego trying to go to the Fashion Valley Mall it is isn't worth the headache. Good luck finding parking at this end of Fashion Valley!

So I ended up stopping in the middle of the afternoon, after the lunch crowd had gone back to work and let me tell was pure heaven. If you like to clean and organize as much as I do, this is a store you would appreciate.

Love these baskets that slide onto kitchen cabinet shelving. I am thinking of storing extra spices that I don't use often or seasoning packets on these shelves. What would you use them for?

I thought these were cute! They are little stainless saucepans, one measures tablespoons and the other measures teaspoons.

Ah....I need more time to go back and browse around for a while. A person could do some serious damage is very inspirational! I resisted making a purchase until I can spend more time looking around.


  1. Ohhhhh! I LOVE organizing! I would go crazy in that store. I have to get those baskets for the shelves in my pantry. I would store things like bags of rice and pasta in them. Or bags of chocolate chips. Right now I have about 7 bags of various chocolate chips and they are in a big pile falling all over! Ack, I need help.....

  2. You are right that store can do some serious damage-it is overwhelming. I am impressed with your restraint!


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