Saturday, February 19, 2011

Working With Fondant

This is a cake I made last year (exactly one year ago today) when my family for visiting for some birthday's we were celebrating. This was my third time working with fondant. I used the Marshmallow Fondant from

You can see one of my seams here, but I have since purchased a Wilton tool that helps to smooth the fondant out, but I haven't had the chance to use it yet.

I got this cake flavor combination after watching Cake Boss on TLC. I used a white cake mix because they are super moist, then the filling is chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries. I dirty iced in with buttercream, probably a little too much and then covered in the marshmallow fondant.

I am hoping to make a fondant cake or two this week to get more practice! Have you worked with fondant? Do you make your own or do you purchase it?


  1. Cute! That's really great for one of your first attempts with fondant! I have tried both purchased and homemade fondant. The homemade marshmallow stuff isn't as easy to work with, but tastes better. I have bought the nasty Wilton stuff, and it goes on so much easier! I just can't get over how totally nasty it tastes though. I want to try the stuff from Duff... they package says it tastes great. Have fuh with your next cake!

  2. I have been working with fondant A LOT the past few weeks! I use Satin Ice (what the Cake Boss uses), it tastes wonderful and is super easy to work with. I am currently working on a purse shaped cake, which I hope to have a blog post about tomorrow. I LOVE decorating cakes!!

  3. Marshmallow fondant is by far the tastiest-like soft circus peanut candy. Purchased fondant is pretty simple to manipulate but is pricey & people generally "peel" it off and eat the cake underneath. Rolled buttercream fondant also tastes good, but can be very tempermental. Your cake lookd great! I live about 3 miles from the Wilton HQ and they have a HUGE tent sale every year-less than 1/2 the prices on everything. It is great and very, very crowded.


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