Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pillow Talk

I have been searching for new couch pillows all winter. It hasn't been an easy hunt. I look for style and comfort. Style and comfort are both equally important to me. I also look for softness and easy to clean fabric.
Earlier this week while at Costco, I came across some ruffled pillows. I kinda like these pillows and I have seen this style at many stores, but they are almost always made out of silk or a similar synthetic fabric that isn't practical.

I don't know the exact measurements of this pillow, but it is a little larger than average and I love it! You can chose from square or oblong. The best part, it is a very soft, has cleanable fabric like my other pillows and it was $13.99.
I found these pillows last month at Pier One Imports. Thanks to my mom for the gift card I finally settled on these! I got two of each pillow. The teal blue ones match my living room colors. I have some frames, a lamp, and some candles that are the same teal blue color. The teal pillows is very soft, easy to wipe clean if I need to, and puffy.

My pillow search has come to an end.
Do you change out your pillows? What are your living room colors? How long have you had your couch pillows and what do you look for?


  1. Love the ruffled pillows and the teal color adds a wonderful pop!

  2. Love the brown ruffles. DO you have a sewing machine? You could make those pretty easily, too, for fun. I am also a pillow person-usually I hunt out the vintage embroidered ones.

  3. I think that pillows should be comfy also;) Who wants to lay on a bunch of rough embelishments?

  4. Sweet Apron, no sewing machine. I am not gifted with the ability or patience to sew. Jessie, I agree, I like pretty pillows but our couch pillows have to be stylish and soft and practical. The fabric also needs to be super soft and washable. This was the first ruffle pillow I have found that wasn't silk.

  5. Love, love, love these pillows...Sophie has pretty much wrecked your old couch...:-)

  6. Jennifer, Haylee has pretty much wrecked the couch we have now. I have some clean packing tape running underneath and along the bottoms to prevent her from scratching, but she has found other areas that are not covered in tape! After having it a few years she decided one day to target the couch and scratch! I am glad you got your Pier One Imports back last year!

  7. Yes, I am glad Pier One is back also!! I LOVE that store!! We put that cat tape on the corner's of the couch where she likes to scratch, but she just finds other spots...guess we could tape the entire couch...;-)


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