Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tea Party, How Sweet It Is

I walked into my nearly five year old daughter's room late this morning and I heart immediately melted. These pictures are what I saw. She was playing inside her walk-in closet last night busy dressing up her animals in American Girl Doll clothing. This morning she set up a tea party.

Isn't it sweet?
Did you see the cute little plates, cupcakes, cookies, and tea sandwiches? I plan on dedicating a YouTube video and blog posting to them very soon. These toys are just waaaaaay too cute to not share.

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  1. Oh that is too cute! I think it's so sweet how she's such a girly girl, so many girls these days aren't interested in dolls or things like that. If I had girls I'd be playing with their toys so much I wouldn't get anything done:)

  2. that tea set is ADORABLE!! I look forward to getting my girls (9mo old twins) a tea set when they are old enough.

  3. Having a girl is wonderful! I have always loved toys so it makes it ever more fun. I can't believe how cute this stuff is, I could seriously scream! I am worried about the day my daughter will outgrow toys.

  4. Aww that is so sweet! Looks like she takes after her mama with the sweet treats :)

  5. How cute! My little girl loves to have tea parties also. But she spreads a blanket out on her bedroom floor and has a "picnic" tea party. I see you finished her table and chairs:)


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