Monday, September 27, 2010

Sweet Sunday

Starting Sweet Sundays.....feel free to participate using linkie below. Sweet Sundays is where you can share anything that is dessert or bread based. If you love sweets as much as I do you are in the right place. This is my first attempt using the linkie, so I am posting this one as a test. Feel free to try it out and link up.

One more thing.....should this be called Sweet Sunday or Sweet Sundae? Leave your opinion in the comments below. Thanks!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Master Bedrooms

I am participating in Show Us Your Life: Master Bedrooms.
Here is mine.

The cat doesn't normally sleep in my middle of our bed, but she does follow me around the house all day. She was simply resting on the bed while I was taking the photos before following me back downstairs.

The room consists of lighter colors that are primarily tan and spa blue.

I like the keep things clean and simple.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Spice

I love everything fall, it is my favorite season. I love fall baking because there is something about the cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin that makes me feel happy and warm. It has a comforting effect.

Above is a photo I took of my recipe called MySweetCreations Peanut Butter Cookie Pie. Although it is mainly made of chocolate Oreo crust and a frozen creamy peanut butter mixture smothered in Reese's cups, chocolate and caramel syrup, I was able to sneak cinnamon into the recipe. After I press the chocolate cookie crust into the springform pan, I sprinkle it with cinnamon and bake it before adding the peanut butter mixture.

I have been eating these Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cupcakes like mad the past two weeks. I make them with milk chocolate chips and they have a cream cheese frosting piped neatly on top. I keep them in my fridge and eat them cold for a nice fall treat.

Gingerbread reminds me of fall although I think it is more associated with Christmas. Soon Starbucks will bring out their Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread Lattes. I can't think about that right now because it is torture......but I am waitly patiently for them to bring back my favorite fall flavors.

What is fall and Halloween without caramel apples? I go big with my caramel apples. You know the kind you see in the gourmet candy shops that are not only dipped into caramel but then are covered in chocolate? Those are the ones. My signature kind that I make is caramel and milk chocolate dipped, then I melt white chocolate with peanut butter and drizzle that on top. I have tried Oreos, M&M's, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate gourmet caramel apples so far. As a matter of fact, I have some of these sitting in my fridge right now. I couldn't bring in the first official day of fall without them!

Here is plain caramel if you are into that. I happen to love sweets so plain caramel just doesn't interest me as much when I can add chocolate and interesting fixings on top.

What is your favorite kind of caramel/candy apple?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Living Rooms

I am participating in Kelly's Korner Blog, Show Us Your Living Room.
I took these photos several months ago and before I learned how to properly use the settings on my camera, so the quality of the photos isn't the best.

Several months ago, I had purchased a new rug and ottoman and I took these photos to e-mail to my parents to show them. These photos are pretty accurate of how our living room looks today. We love being comfortable in our home. My style is a mix of more modern colors and pieces mixed with comfort at the same time. My colors mainly consist of a teal blue, spa blue, dark brown, and green apple. My living room furniture is black. Not pictured is our Ashley Furniture black television cabinet which is nestled into the niche in the wall.

The soft dark brown pillows are a two-pack from Costco and the best couch pillows you will find if you actually use them to lay on. The teal rectangle pillows are from Target. The other pillows, which are a little more modern looking have a mix of green apple, dark brown, teal blue, and spa blue. They are striped on one side with modern flowers on the other. They are from Pier One Imports.
The curtains are from Pottery Barn. They are the espresso silk duponi lined curtains. I also have from teal accent candles which are from Z Gallerie.

The rug is a nice quality rug that I got on sale from Cole's Fine Flooring.

The teal frames are from Pier One Imports as well as the floor lamp pictured below.

I always love seeing others homes. I am a fan of HGTV. I thought it would be fun to participate in Show Us Your Living Room. I hope you enjoyed mine!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Homemade Nestle Crunch

I haven't been to my local cake and candy making specialty store in a couple of months, so earlier this week I stopped by.

I have been eyeing this bag of crisp rice in the chocolate aisle this past year and I finally decided to go ahead and get it. I also bought a bag of Guittard milk chocolate flavored wafers. I actually thought I was buying real chocolate until I got home and noticed they were milk chocolate "flavored." They store carried a good variety of chocolate for candy making too. I am actually very impressed with the milk chocolate flavored wafers. They really taste just like milk chocolate! I have never been a fan of using candy melts and instead prefer to work with real chocolate which I temper.

Anyways.......back to the crisp rice. So, I bought a decent size 8 ounce bag for $2.99. This crisp rice is different from cereal. The pieces are round and much smaller and they are crispier. These pieces put the Crunch in to Nestle Crunch. They are the same crunchy rice pieces that Nestle uses to make their candy bars.

When I got home, my four year old assistant baker and candy maker and I began to make our very own Nestle Crunch bars. I decided to break out the candy bar shaped mould. I took out a handful of the milk chocolate wafers and melted them. Once they were melted, my four year old added some crisp rice. Once she had mixed it in well, we poured it into our candy moulds.
I melted a 1 ounce bar of Bakers white chocolate and using my piping bag and tiny round Wilton tip, I piped on the decorations that only a small child would appreciate. I can't believe how much these babies taste like Nestle Crunch bars.....actually they are a little better because the crisp rice is fresh and they bars have more of a crisp crunch to them.

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Let me know if you have any questions! Enjoy!

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