Friday, December 31, 2010

Thank You For Letting Me Bake

Sadly, my mom, dad, and two sisters who were visting from Iowa left this morning. They stayed with us for Christmas for the past week. It is always difficult to leave them and I have been dubbed "Water Works" because of it. I can't turn the tears off once they begin. I love them to the very core of me and it is always hard to say goodbye until next time. Anyways, I was grateful for all of the baking I was able to do while they were here.

Of course you all know how much I enjoyed being able to bake for my family. I start making a list in my head before I see them of the things I want them to try. I wasn't able to take photos of everything I made this past week but these are the ones I did capture. I think the chocolate chips coffee cake was the biggest hit. The cookies were baked for my family to enjoy during the drive back to Iowa.

The chocolate cookie cheesecake is a staple, I always make this when I am with my family as well as my peanut butter pie which I wasn't able to take a photo of.

I also made some smooth brownie cookie dipped into white chocolate.

For those who did some holiday baking, what did you make that was the biggest hit among your friends and family?

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  1. Looks delicious! I see your recipe photo made it to the AR front page!!! Woohoo, way to start out the New Year! Happy 2011:)

  2. Everything looks yummy! I don't know what I would do if I lived far from my family:( I hope you cheer up soon! (more baking will definitely help) I made a few cakes for a New Year's Eve party. I am posting the pics today (hopefully).

  3. Thanks Victoria, I am honestly surprised that of all photos made it to the front page today. I think it was a slow day yesterday. Happy New Years to you!

  4. Jessie, I am looking forward to your cake photos. I am better now, the first few hours after my family leaving is hard but then I get back into the normal routine of things. I look forward to seeing them twice a year, it is always exciting to fly back for a couple of weeks in the summer to spend with them in Iowa. Everything is so green and lush in the Midwest in the summer. Southern California may be green all year, but it I forget about all of the grass and trees that we don't have here. Happy New Year!

  5. That coffee cake looks sooo good. I have amped up my workouts so that I can indulge in my sweet cravings with less guilt.

  6. Your my kind of girl Sweet Apron. I will walk or work out more so I never have to give up eating sweets. The coffee cake is on It is the Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake...amazing too!

  7. I started my New Years 'diet' today but dang those brownie cookies look so good!! lol. YUM


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