Monday, December 6, 2010

Cupcake Courier Improvision

Love, love, love my Cupcake Courier. It is the only one that holds 36 cupcakes at once and is versatile because it can also carry a cake and you have the option to purchase cookie tray inserts to lay over the cupcake holes. As you can see, I haven't been able to order my tray inserts and I need to use my courier tomorrow.

I decided to improvise. I found a cardboard box and used an empty tray and a sharpie to trace the shape I would need to cut out.

After tracing, I got out my Christmas wrapping paper, plain silver from Costco this season, genius on my part because that paper will work for any holiday or birthday! It also worked well for my purpose this evening...wrapping the cardboard inserts.

Here is the finished product. It worked out beautifully!


  1. I got one of those last year when you blogged about it on AR. I absolutelty LOVE it too! I use it for transporting cakes quite a bit (take out all the inserts)also.

  2. Love it, very creative and it looks great with that shiny paper!!

  3. Where do you order the cookie tray inserts?????


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