Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Tree Farm

Our family tradition consists of going to the Christmas Tree Farm each year the on the day after Thanksgiving, otherwise known as "Black Friday." While others are on a mission to get holiday deals, we go to the Christmas Tree Farm located in Santee to pick out a freshly cut tree.

There are several different kinds of trees to chose from. A lady is there who makes fresh wreaths and swags and the smell is wonderful. Montgomery Field is located next to the tree farm and small private airplanes are skimming above as they get ready to land. Back to the trees.....which one do you chose?

This is it, this is the tree we are taking home this year.

We stop and see the goose and sheep before we go. They are both very vocal animals that are at the tree farm each year. The sheep loves to have people pet him. In fact, he leans against the thin fence with all of his weight when you begin to pet him. It is precious.

We enjoy putting our tree up right away. We go home immediately after picking our tree to decorate.

When are you putting up your tree?


  1. Your tradition was our family tradition while I was growing up. Now, as an adult, several years ago I opted for the fake prelit that I put up sometime during the weekend after Thanksgiving (this year it will be tomorrow). Do not miss the hunt for the tree, but do miss that wonderful tree scent... Beautiful tree by the way!!!

  2. That tree is beautiful!! I can't wait to see it decorated! I hope to go pick ours out next weekend. I bought new ornaments after Christmas last year. I can't wait to use them!

  3. Beautiful tree! Post a picture of it after decorating. We have an artificial tree...last year our toddler pulled the entire thing over on Christmas Eve. We had to tether it to the wall afterwards...

  4. The perfect tree! Can not wait to see pictures of it all decorated. We will probably drive out to Julian or maybe Bate's Nut Farm and snag a fresh tree. Just love the way my house smells with a fresh Douglas Fur in my house. P.S. I was dying the 3 years we were stationed in Virginia because they had NO idea what a Douglas Fur was. They said it must be a "west coast"


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