Saturday, October 30, 2010

Meet My Cat.

I just wanted to share some photos of our pet. She is a 6 year old tortieshell cat that I adopted from the Humane Society when she was 4 months old. I got this cat before I had a child, so I named her Haylee (Hailey).

I bought this car seat earlier this year and as soon as I pulled it out of the box Haylee crawled into it and took a nap.

I actually took the rest of these photos this morning. We had some rare October rain in San Diego this morning. After the rain stopped and the sun came out, Haylee went outside to the patio to curl up in the warm sun. She looked so cute out there and I couldn't resist taking her picture.

You have to know that this cat is really special to me. I love cats. She is very vocal one. She follows me from room to room all day. She takes a nap when we do and she also goes to bed when we do. In fact, she curls up n her cat bed for the entire night and doesn't move until we get up. She lays on my books when I am reading, she lays on my laptop when I am working on it. Maybe that is because I carry this cat around off and on throughout the day? She loves to be held.

I just wanted to share my cat with everyone. She is very special to me.

You can also find me on the YouTube Channel here:

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  1. Oh my gosh cute! I don't like cats, but this one is adorable. My aunt has one just like it except her name is cupcake(:


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