Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Snack Pack Lunches On The Go

I was at our local farmers market last weekend and I stopped by the Tupperware booth. I picked up this cute pink sandwich container and a tiny matching pink container than will hold an ounce.

I have a four year old, so when we are browsing the stores or running errands she will often get hungry. I needed to mix it up a bit because the same Clif Bars and fruit leathers were getting old. I have used this container almost everyday since I bought it. I make these little snacks/lunches and we take it with us on the go. Besides controlling what you are eating, you are also saving money.

Everything you see is organic except the peanut butter sandwich. For that I used natural Skippy honey roasted peanut butter on a Sara Lee whole wheat thin hot dog bun. I put some organic ranch dressing in the tiny bowl that holds an ounce to dip our carrots in. I also started buying the chocolate milk bulk at Costco again recently. It is cheaper than buying one everytime we go to Starbucks. We will switch up our snack packs, but overall this is what you can find in my bag when we are on the go. My four year old and I share this together.
MySweetCreations is also on YouTube.

1 comment:

  1. You know I love packing snacks and lunches. Love the containers and the box looks delish!


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