Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How Do You Get That Cream In The Middle Of A Cupcake?

Have you ever wondered how the cream gets into the middle of a cupcake?

I have learned there are two ways you can do this at home. The first way is to fill a pastry bag with cream and a long point tip. Stick the tip through the middle of the cupcake from the top and pipe the cream into the middle. I found with this method, I get less cream.
The second way is to use an apple corer and plunge it into the middle of the cupcake. As you can see below, the corer makes a nice round space for cream.

Pipe the cream into the center of the cupcake and then remove the cupcake from the apple corer and place over the hole to plug the top. After that, just frost as desired!

The recipes for these cupcakes as shown can be found here.

You can also find me on my YouTube Channel:


  1. I have never done the corer thing, but I LOVE putting filling in my cupcakes! I just use a large round tip and hold it tightly in the cupcake while I squeeze! Fills them up pretty good! :)

  2. Hostess has nothing on you! These look fabulous!

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    Have a great weekend! La

  3. Great tip! A surprising way to get the surprise inside ;) Those cupcakes look so tempting!

  4. These are a total throw back to my childhood. Great apple corer trick!


  5. What a great idea to use an apple corer! Thanks for sharing it. Your cupcakes look gorgeous too by the way!!


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