Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Calico Bean Market - Sprinkles Galore

While visiting my family in Dubuque, Iowa each summer I make a point to stop at this wonderful and welcoming store called The Calico Bean Market. It is located downtown Dubuque, Iowa in the historic Fourth Street Elevator Cable Car Square area.

There is a large selection of fresh spices, soup mixes, sauces, snacks, candy, baking supplies, sprinkles and much more. My passion is baking. I browsed the store but I saved sprinkle section for last. I promise you will not walk out of this store empty handed.

There is just about every sprinkle, sugar, and peril you could imagine.

I met owner, Teri Connely who is a very warm and outgoing. When you walk into her store you can tell she put forth a lot of throught and effort. The store is neatly organized. Every product is weighed and clearly priced. I love this place so much that I asked the owner if it would be okay to photograph the sprinkles and share them with others on my blog. You really have to see this place!

The best news is The Calico Bean Market has a website where you can place an order and have it shipped to you!

Please check out my YouTube video where I share the products I purchased from this store!
The Calico Bean Market
352 Bluff Street
Dubuque, Iowa 52001


  1. I am SOOOO excited you posted this. I will be driving through Dubuque this week- going to Galena. I am totally going to go here!!!!

  2. Really? I hope so, you will love this place. It is actually located very close to the Illinois bridge, just a couple of blocks away so you will be right by it. Be sure to check it out. These photos are ONLY the sprinkles. They have so much! Be sure to try their fresh roasted peanut butter.

  3. We live in Chicago & were hoping for a jaunt up to Galena this fall. I looked at their website and I MUST go there, if just to replenish my cookie supplies.

  4. Wow! What a great shop! Wish we had one near us!

  5. They have a website that you can order from. The link is above! I will likely be ordering from there before I can make it back home next summer.

  6. Wow, I never knew this shop was in Dubuque! Thanks so much for posting this, MSC, I think a road trip is in order soon...I love sprinkles! :)

  7. I went!!!! I LOVED it...can't wait to take photos of all my new goodies to share with you :) Thanks for the great find!

  8. Whoa! You went?!?! That's awesome. Please share what you got there! Isn't a great place?

  9. Can not believe I missed this post. Wow what a to check them out online :)

  10. hi!!

    i love the sprinkles, how can i buy it?

    pd: i lived in spain


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