Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Organizing Toys

I honestly really enjoy cleaning. Can you believe it? How many people do you hear say that?
I love to clean and organize.

My daughter has a lot of various people and animals, so I have a plastic tote dedicated for these toys. I also have matching plastic totes in various sizes for trains, Barbies, blocks, dress up, etc.

We ended up with a lot of toys that fall into the various people and animal category that I had to transfer them into a larger plastic tote.

I like dumping and sorting through the toys so I can pick out everything that accidently got mixed in and doesn't belong.....as you can see in these photos.....I have some leftover toys that belong elsewhere.

These are the times I also find missing pieces such as the doors that have been missing off of the Fisher Price van and the Littlest Pet Shop house.

I neatly stack each plastic tote behind the door in my daughter's walk in closet. I feel better and rest easy knowing that the house is organized and clean. It seems to be an never ending process!


  1. Hey! :) I'm so glad I found your blog on here...I love to clean and organize as well. I'm tackling the entire apartment this week during my "staycation". It's overwhelming, but for me a clean house means a clear mind. :) Great idea with the totes, good way to tackle clutter!

  2. I love cleaning and organizing...you should see my fridge and freezer :) I'm obsessive about toys!

  3. Can I hire you? I try and sort and organize my girls toys but darn if they do not mess it up within 5 minutes, drives my crazy and even more crazy that everything actually has a specific place or box, and they know this....but they still throw everything in the corner like I will not notice...lol

  4. I will share more of the toy storage and other ideas in the near future. Thanks for checking out my post!

  5. MSC- I was inspired by this! I cleaned out 4 closets, my pantry and sorted through all my daughter's toys today. I love organizing :)

  6. lol......you made me laugh Kathleen. I am glad I inspired you to organize today. I love organizing too. At least you were inside with some air conditioning on, I hope? I will be in Iowa myself next Wednesday. I saw on The Weather Channel how warm it is there right now. Stay cool....


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