Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cookie Cups

These are simple cookie cups you can make.
Get out your mini muffin pan and spray the cups.
Use any chocolate chip cookie recipe and drop balls of cookie dough into each cup to bake.

Once they come out of the oven, they will look like the photo below.

I take a measuring spoon, in this case my 1/2 tablespoon and I use it to make the cups by genty pressing it into the warm baked cookie.

Keep doing that for all of the cookie until you have cookie cups. You will want to let them cool down in the pain before removing so they don't fall apart.

A tip I would like to share for removing these from the pan is to press your finger on the cookie, gently turn/twist and then they should pop right out.

Once they are cool, pipe some homemade buttercream or Betty Crocker rich chocolate icing into the center and enjoy!


You can also find me on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MakingSweetCreations


  1. Cute idea! Thanks for sharing!
    jen @ messhalltobistro.blogspot.com

  2. Do you ever freeze these after you have baked them & if so, do they keep well? Thanks!

  3. I almost always freeze my freshly made cookie dough into balls, but I haven't tried freezing the cookies after I have baked them.

  4. I made "Fudge Puddles" from AR last Christmas and did the same thing - using my measuring spoon! The perfect shape!

  5. I made fudge puddles from AllRecipes too. They were pretty tasty!

  6. These look so yummy! Not a good combo with my need to lose some weight! :)
    I have an award for you over on my weight loss blog (appropriate huh)

  7. looks good, I wanna make some kind of mini cookie sandwhich with them!


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