Saturday, June 12, 2010

Show Us Your Dishes

This week at Kelly's Korner Blog she asked us to show our dishes.
Here are my dishes, which I are on a shelf in my kitchen pantry. My dishes are from Pier One Imports. The benefit of purchasing the dishes I got there is you buy each piece indivudually. That means that if you break a dish, all you need to do is head to the store and buy a new bowl or plate. You can never have enough place settings, so if you have people over for dinner and need another place setting, you can easily add to your set. Another benefit is Pier One always carries this line of dishes so you don't need to worry about them changing out your dishes.

I love plain white dishes. They show off your food great. I chose white dishes because I love to photograph my desserts and submit them to
You can find me on AllRecipes here: MySweetCreations

It is easy to mix and match other brands of white dishes. I love buying white serving platters, large serving bowls, and other various pieces.

I have a few glass pieces. The dessert glasses in the back are from Pier One as well as the glass carafe.

These fun pieces below are also from Pier One Imports. I got the wavy platter on clearance for $11. My next purchase is going to be tea cups with plates I found at Crate and Barrel that will match perfectly!




  1. I like your dishes but am most jealous of your pale green KitchenAid mixer! :)

    I had to leave mine back in Canada because of the different power voltage in Switzerland and they are over $900 new here! Oy!

  2. Thanks! My Kitchen-Aid is actually bright green, it is called Green Apple.


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