Saturday, June 5, 2010


I don't know about you, but my four year old loves the Pinkalicious books.
She was invited to a friend's birthday this weekend and I wasn't sure what to get the little girl who is turning three for her birthday. I knew that she loves books.

I also considered throwing Alexa a Pinkalicious Birthday Party earlier this year and when I was researching it, I came across the Official Pinkalicious Website.

So that means, I knew that Pinkalicious offered these great FREE printout pages for coloring and activities. I opted to go with another theme for Alexa's Birthday, but I remembered how neat the website and the freebies were.

When I decided to get Pinkalicious, which is only sold as a hardcover book, for the little girl's birthday present, I thought it would be cool to print out some coloring and activity pages and get a small box of crayons to include as the gift.

I just wanted to share as it is a fun way to add something extra for free to a birthday present. You can either tuck the pages into the present or roll them up and tie with a ribbon.

You can find the Pinkalicious here:




  1. Very cute! My sister has 2 little girls, I'll have to let her know about the website:)

  2. Another cute idea! I love to give books as gifts and adding the coloring sheets makes it more fun.
    My daughter had a "pink" party for her 3rd party. It was very cute, everyone wore pink, even the guys!

  3. We haven't read Pinkalicious yet but I am very interested now. I think it would make an adorable birthday theme :)

  4. My girls were excited about Purplicious and... was it Goldalicious... whatever the other one is.

    Great idea. With summer coming up I'm looking for crafts and things like that to keep them out of my hair... I mean, engaged in enriching activities... yeah, that's better :)

  5. I had two boys so I missed out on all the girly would have been fun to have had a little girl to have this kind of fun with!

  6. We love, love, love Pinkalicious! (and purpliscious!) What a clever idea for a birthday gift!

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