Sunday, March 28, 2010

Metamorphosis Monday ~ Pink and Brown Bathroom

I have been following metamorphosis monday for several weeks and I am excited to participate in it for the very first time. I have changed my daughter's bathroom style many times over the last few years. I am not much into characters or anything too specific. We did go through a general princess phase and a black and white with a splash of hot pink phase. I purchased a Pottery Barn pink and white gingham print shower curtain a few months ago and my search for light pink towels began then.

Surprisingly, it isn't easy to find those towels. Last night while I was bored, I decided to browse TJ MAXX because I haven't been there in a while. Much to my surprise, I found huge stacks of light pink towels with the matching hand towels and wash clothes. They had both Well Dressed Home and Laura Ashley towels to chose from. I loaded quite a few towels, hand towels, and washcloths into my cart. I haven't been this excited over a find in a while, so I was very pleased.
I remembered as I was loading the towels that I had a new brown bathroom rug on the floor. We recently bought this rug to temporarily use in another bathroom while we had family in town and it ended up in my daughter's bathroom. I am throwing a pink and brown birthday party for my daughter in a few weeks and I suddenly got this great idea of making her bathroom pink and brown! It is one of my most favorite color combinations. I turned around in TJ MAXX and found a towering stack of brown towels and I loaded some of those into my cart too.

I also just happened to find a cute matching wall hanging with the letter "A" in it. The background is pink with white polka dots. I found some Martha Stewart pink ribbon embellishment stickers to dress up the hanging. I plan on switching out the white ribbon with a brown ribbon soon.

We went from a girl's bathroom that has been in transition for several months to a completed project. I hope you enjoy the photos!


  1. Pink and brown is one of my favorites too. I'm sure she loves it !

  2. Thanks for the response! I think it is such a sweet and modern color combination.

  3. Great job on the bath. Bet she's thrilled with it. Hope you'll drop by and see our lavender fantasy bath. -- Jane F.

  4. I think pink and brown are lovely. My husband thinks otherwise he says they don't match but personally I think it looks beautiful. I bet your daughter is excited. I plan to decorate at least one of my rooms in those two colors.


  5. Pink and brown totally goes together! You will see a lot of birthday party or baby shower girl themes using pink and brown these days. It is also a popular color combination for a baby girls room. Thank Ruth!


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