Sunday, February 21, 2010

Berry Simple Smoothie

Normally, I prefer a plain strawberry smoothie, nothing fancy at all. I was feeling creative yesterday, but the fresh strawberries I had were turning fuzzy. I had juice in the refrigerator, but it wasn't apple or grape. I wanted a smoothie, so I decided to try something new using what I already had on hand.

The key to a good, simple smoothie is to use:

1 cup of yogurt

1 cup of berries/fruit

1 cup of juice

My "Simple Strawberry Smoothie" is made using:

1 cup vanilla yogurt

1 cup of strawberries

1 cup of apple grape juice

Yesterday I have to improvise and this is what I came up with:

1 cup vanilla yogurt

1 cup of mixed berries

1 cup of cranberry apple juice

It actually was a great combination and turned out tasty! It taught me that you can pretty much try any combination when creating a smoothie.

Do you like smoothies? What is your favorite kind?



  1. Love smoothies! Not sure if I have a favorite, but we had some cherries in the freezer and made one with cherries, half a frozen banana, yogurt, a little milk, a tbsp of almond butter and some cocoa/agave. Sort of a chocolate cherry almond smoothie!

  2. That is an interesting combination Christine! Have you thought of writing that recipe up as your own? When it comes to smoothies, I like mine very simple. I don't even like ice in my smoothies. Thanks for reading my post, I appreciate it! :)

  3. This looks really good! It's not always possible to have the fresh fruit on hand, so this was a really smart substitution. Thank you for sharing @ Food Friday (and for reminding me that I need more smoothies in my life)!


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